The beginning of everything


Born in Brasilia, Kaká arrived in São Paulo as a child. Passionate about football, the boy stood out in Physical Education at Colégio Baptista. That’s when the teacher advised his mother, Simone, to enroll the him in a football school. Then, at age 8, Kaká arrived in São Paulo Futebol Clube, where he went through all the categories until he reached the professional league in 2001, making his dream come true.



Comes the idol


Kaká’s debut as a professional player for São Paulo Tricolor was at the classificatory stage at the semifinals of the Rio-São Paulo Tournament 2001 against Botafogo. His first goal in the professional league was against Santos, in a game for the Championship. This was only his second competitive match. Only after scoring both goals in the tricolor victory over Botafogo, at that end of the tournament Rio-São Paulo, Kaká managed to win the fans “sao-paulinos”. On that day, March 7, 2001, he became the new idol of São Paulo.


The return


It is so nice to come back home. After 11 years outside of Brazil, Kaká returned to São Paulo. More experienced, the ace dreamed of playing again for his favorite team, a dream shared by Tricolor fans. It was only four months, lived ate their fullest. The ace reunited old friends, made new ones and had the opportunity to work with Coach Muricy Ramalho.

“Many players overgrown after his arrival, because he is a athletic example, for everything you have done, to come early, train hard … He is an exceptional person. Honestly, I have worked with many people, i am many years in this sport, find a guy like him it is difficult to replace. In the field, all right, we even can find other ways to play, but he will be missed by being a guy who walks on the pitch “

Muricy Ramalho – – 3014/11/30

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